Fall is Finally Here! Here are Some Teas to Warm Your Taste Buds

Fall is here, and that means that it is time to put away all of your iced teas and pull out your rich, spiced teas that are sure to get you in the fall mood! I’ve made a list of some of my all time fave fall teas and some newfound loves. So grab your mugs and join me for some tea sure to warm your taste buds!

Pumpkin Chai (David’s Tea)
Type: Black Tea10191dt01var004030-bi-1-169
Caffeine: Yes
Origin: China

This was the first tea I pulled out of my cabinet this fall season. It has been a fave for me for the past two years, and it never disappoints in warming me up for fall. It is a rich tea, so if you are looking for something on the lighter side this is not for you. If you find it too strong, this tea is great as a latte, so feel free to add some frothed milk. You can also check out the recipe I posted a while back to make this tea into a delicious Pumpkin Chai Maple Latte, made with maple syrup and pumpkin puree.

Honeycrisp Apple (David’s Tea)
Type: Green Tea10509dt01var0027742-bi-1
Caffeine: Yes
Origin: China

After this tea disappeared from David’s Tea’s site last year I was extremely disappointed. But when it cropped up again a few weeks ago, I was so excited and immediately had to buy a ton. Sometimes I find apple teas too strong or not strong enough, or too sweet or not sweet enough. This tea strikes the perfect balance. If you are looking for a delicious apple cider-tasting tea for the fall season this should be your go-to brew.

Pom Cider (David’s Tea)
Type: Black Tea10571dt01var0033262-bi-1
Caffeine: Yes
Origin: Vietnam

This is probably my favourite tea from David’s Tea’s new fall collection. It tastes exactly like the name says, a very nice, rich tasting berry cider, great for the fall. I didn’t find it too strong or too sweet. It had a nice balance. This tea is great in fall, but would even be good right into the winter season.

Carrot Cupcake (David’s Tea)
Type: Rooibos
Caffeine: No
Origin: USA10570dt01var0033228-bi-1

I love the Carrot Cake tea that I have from a store called Victoria’s Teas and Coffees based in Niagara, Ontario, but unfortunately they don’t sell it on their online store. They have some of their teas available online but not all. Their teas are amazing so you should still check them out online, and if you are ever in the area be sure to pop your head in for some tea.  But if you are looking for something similar that is widely available, you can check out David’s Tea’s Carrot Cupcake tea. This is one of their new fall teas and it is good, but I find that it is not as full-bodied and rich tasting as the Carrot Cake tea from Victoria’s. Although it may appeal to some who are looking for a lighter taste, and there is no caffeine which is great before bed!

Pumpkin Pie Matcha (David’s Tea)
Type: Matcha Green Tea10534dt01var0029743-bi-1-1950
Caffeine: Yes
Origin: USA

If you need your pumpkin pie fix but you don’t want to buy a whole pie, this tea is perfect for you. It does have sugar mixed in to it already, so there is no need to add a sweetener to it. I’m sure you can have it as a straight matcha, but I like to make it as a matcha latte. I whisk about 2 tsp of matcha with 1/2 cup of almost boiling water and froth about a cup of milk while heating. Then I pour the matcha tea into a large cup and add the warm milk, making sure to hold the froth until the end. This is now my go-to dessert tea!


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