Summer Tea Selections

Summer is not over! There are still a few days left, so why not try some of Tea and A Good Read & My Happy Coincidences top five iced teas to keep that summer feeling flowing right into the fall…

Beloved Isles Cayman (Tea Time in Cayman)
Selected by My Happy Coincidencetropical_green_green_tea_tin__98825
Type: Green Tea

Take me back to Cayman! Well, this tea is the next best option. Tea Time in Cayman’s rose-petal twist on a standard green tea is super refreshing for the mouth and mind after a hot day in the sun or a long day in the office.

Goji Pop (David’s Tea)
Selected by Tea and a Good Read10261dt01var004100-bi-1-697
Type: Herbal Tea

This tea is perfect both hot and cold, and the sweet berries with a hint of citrus make it delicious and refreshing during those hot summer months. This tea is fruity and sweet enough on its own, but feel free to add some honey and lemon to ease some of the tartness.

Strawberry Colada (David’s Tea)
Selected by My Happy Coincidence10500dt01var0028496-bi-1-1779
Type: Herbal Tea

This summer edition tea from David’s is perfectly refreshing. Add a bit of lemon and sugar to turn it into an icy cold tea-lemonade cocktail. This is best served super cold in chilled glasses or with frozen strawberries.

Lime Gelato (David’s Tea)
Selected by Tea and a Good Read
Type: Green Tea10279dt01var004117-bi-1-46

I know that I selected this tea last year as one of my top summer iced teas, but I continue to list it as one of my favourites because it never fails to disappoint. I have served this iced tea to friends and family and it is always a huge hit! The sweetness (but not too sweet) and smoothness of this tea makes it taste great both iced and hot. Add some fresh lime and honey to this cold tea to add a bit more sweetness and flavour.

Cold Zing (David’s Tea)
Selected by My Happy Coincidencecold-zing
Type: Green Tea

While this tea is often promoted during winter as a quick-fix for an oncoming cold, the lemongrass-lime combination is also very nice chilled. I make a jug of this on super hot days and add fresh lime or lemon wedges to enhance the natural lime flavor that’s already infused in the leaves themselves.


All tea-leaf detail images and tea information courtesy of and Feature image ©MyHappyCoincidence2016

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