Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Habits I Want to Quit

This week on Top Ten Tuesday, the Broke and the Bookish has asked for our top ten bookish things that we want to quit or have quit, and I chose to focus on the ten bookish habits that I want to try to kick. And I have a lot of them!

1.Book Hoarding – I will admit, I am a huge book hoarder. I have been accumulating books forever and am adverse to sharing, trading, selling or even leasing my books. My parents are divorced, and when the huge bookshelf at my dad’s house had reached capacity, I began to accumulate books at my mom’s house. When I moved out on my own, I kept all of my old books at my parents’ houses, and started a new collection at my place. Recently I ran out of space in the bookshelf at my apartment, so I had to get a bit creative. The fruit of my labour is on my instagram. It’s a real problem.

2. Flipping to the End of a Read – I am kind of embarrassed to share this one because it is a huge no no in every good reader’s list of things you should never do. I don’t do it all the time, but when a book is driving crazy and I have to know what happens right at that second, I will flip not to the very end, but close to the end, and just peek. And then quickly go back to my previous page and keep reading. Usually the page that I flip to will not tell me much, but it does reveal something, which is WRONG. I know, I’m terrible. I need to stop this right now.

3. Picky about the Quality of My Books – I have always been super meticulous about the maintenance of my books. I try not to bend the spines of my paperbacks and I preserve the covers of my hardcovers in a pristine condition. This goes back to #1, why I hoard books and rarely share, because books can be returned ruined. I recently let my mom borrow a book, and the other day she pulls it out of her bag and she had completely ruined the cover to the hardcover book. She had thrown it in her purse and it had damaged the edges badly. I didn’t hold back, I gave her a bit of an earful. I need to realize that books will get damaged over time and you just need to take a deep breath and move on.

4. Obsessed with Every Book in the Bookstore and Buying Books Even When I Have a Shelf or eReader Full of Books I Haven’t Read Yet – This is a bad one. I do it all the time. I go to the bookstore and I want everything. Every cover is gorgeous (this ties into #5) and every story sounds amazing. Or I will see an author that I love published a new book and I have to get it that second. I can’t wait until I’ve finished the other books on my to be read list. I have to get it THAT SECOND. This also ties into #1, why I have zero space on my bookshelf.

5. Picking Books Based Solely on Their Cover – I am a sucker for a book with a gorgeous cover. Instagram is terrible because I look at pictures upon pictures of books and I want every single one. Because they look so beautiful. I go to the bookstore and I pick up a book with a beautiful cover and my eyes go big. I walk straight to the cash register and forget to even read the backcover. Sometimes it works out, the book will be amazing and match the beautiful cover. Other times, my expectations are slightly deflated after I read it because I thought based on the cover that it was going to be so great.

6. Reading Too Many Books at Once – Usually I’m a 1-2 book at a time person, but occasionally I will take on a little more than I can chew. I’ve done 4 or 5 books at once, mostly because the first book I started reading just wasn’t exciting me, not engaging enough, left me wanting more or something else, etc. And then the second and third book didn’t satisfy me. Or an author that I love released a new book and I had to start it right away. So I open more and more books. I will finish them all, it just takes time and it can be overwhelming at certain points.

7. Refuse to Answer When Someone Asks Me What I’m Reading – I am very secretive about my current reads, except for my blog, which I still keep fairly private from my family, friends and work colleagues. Mostly the reason is that when people find out that I read a lot, immediately they ask “what are you reading?”, and I in turn will either not answer, or say “you don’t know it” or say “a ya book, you won’t like it.” I can talk to my really close friends about reads that I’m interested in, but immediately when I talk to family, some friends (who don’t read a lot) or work colleagues, I get hostile. I don’t know why because who knows, I could get someone interested in a new book.

8. Constantly Checking the Page Count or Percentage that I’ve Finished of a Book while on my eReader – I do this A LOT. When I’m reading a book on my iPad, I will constantly flick my eyes to the bottom of the screen to check how many more pages are in the chapter, in the book, and what percentage of the book I’ve finished. It takes away from the reading experience. I sometimes do the same thing with actual books (checking the page number or measuring how much of the book I have left), it’s really terrible. Usually though if I am really absorbed in a book, I will refrain somewhat from doing this.

9. Staying Up Late Reading – I think that a lot of people are guilty of this. You get so absorbed in a book, and then it’s one more chapter, one more page, and then you will sleep. But then the suspense is killing you. You need to read on. Finally when you look up, the clock reads 2 am. “Oh crap you have to get up for work at 6 am!” Those are the days when I need lots of tea in the morning. Plus my days seem to be so hectic now, that night seems to be the only time when I can read!

10. Not Following a Strict Reading Schedule (for my blog) – Most of you who follow my blog, know that I am freaking out about meeting my reading challenge by the end of the year. See my previous post. I have been trying to stay on top of reading, but it has been really difficult (Refer to #9 – have to read at night because no time during day). I like to think of myself as an organized person, but I have never been one for planners or organizers. I just never keep to them. I keep a calendar of important dates or meetings, but I can not schedule out each and every day. My reading tends to be in bursts, some days I can read for hours upon hours, and then others I just do not find the time to even start. I need to commit to block at least one hour of every day dedicated to reading (not late at night) and if I get more in, that’s great.

Do you have any bookish habits? Same as mine or different?



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