Summer isn’t over yet! Top 5 Iced Teas

My Happy Coincidence

We refuse to let summer go! Grab a tumbler, pour yourself a cold brew and join us! Here are Tea and A Good Read & my top five iced teas to keep that warm weather feeling flowing right into autumn…

Butterfly Jasmine (David’s Tea)
Selected by My Happy Coincidence
Type: Green Tea
Origin: China

10023dt01var003933-bi-1.687I love this tea hot, but it’s amazing over ice too. The ultimate hand-crafted tea, these Chinese green tea leaves from the Fujian region are layered with fresh jasmine petals night after night until the scent and flavour are indescribably deep and sweet. Then the leaves are bound together by hand into the shape of beautiful small butterflies.

Put 3 leaves in about 5 cups of boiling water and let steep for 4-5 minutes. Then, add ice cubes until the water is around room temperature (drinkable but not ice cold). Remove tea leaves with a strainer or…

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