T by Daniel’s Night in Rio

I am so sorry to all my tea aficionados. Because I have been focusing on my book reviews, I have been neglecting my tea reviews. Its not that I haven’t been drinking tea lately. I’ve been drinking A LOT, sometimes three cups a day or more. But I have my favourites that I stick to, and I’ve realized that I need to start branching out, trying new flavours.

This week on Sunday Morning Brew, I am tasting T by Daniel’s Night in Rio. My mom actually gave me this tea after she went to a craft show and came across this specialty tea stall. The company is based out of Brampton, Ontario where they have a small shop, but you can also order their tea online at http://www.tbydaniel.com/

T by Daniel doesn’t have as many tea options as say David’s Tea, but they do have some interesting flavours and combinations that I have not yet seen from David’s. I am definitely up for trying some more in the future.

Tea Name: Night in Rio

Type: Herbal Tea

Tea Origin: South Africa, China, Sri Lanka

Description: Arrreeeeeeeeba! Although we still don’t know what that means… We do know that you’re going to be mesmerized with this caffeine free herbal blend of blackberry leaves, black current leaves, apple chunks,candied pineapple, bean peels, candied papaya, citric acid, pineapple chips, safflower petals and natural flavour. Just like the colours on a parrot or a night in Rio, there’s a lot to explore!

Ingredients: Blackcurrent leaves, blackberry leaves, apple chunks, candied pineapple, bean peels, citric acid, pineapple chips, candied papaya, safflower petals and natural flavour

Temperature: 80°C (176°F)

Steeping Quantity (for one cup): 1 tsp

Steep Time: 3-5 min

 DSC004722DSC004753As an herbal tea and therefore caffeine free, Night in Rio should be great if you are looking for a light, fruity and refreshing tea in the morning, noon or at night. This tea has definitely got a lot going on with it. So many different ingredients can often make a tea confusing. But this was very pleasant, not overpowering. For me, the most distinct flavour out of the bunch was the papaya, but you can definitely taste hints of the other flavours (citrus, pineapple).

My only criticism would be that I feel like the tea was too light, if that is a good description. I steeped the tea as recommended for about 5 minutes and as advertised it was a tropical-tasting and refreshing tea, very nice after a heavy meal. However I felt that the flavour could have been a bit stronger. With so many ingredients in it, I was hoping for a stronger fruit taste. Maybe next time I will steep it for slightly longer. However I think its all personal preference, some may not like a strong fruit taste, and so this will be great for you. My mom absolutely loved the tea, which is why she gave it to me. When tasting a variety of teas at the craft show, she said this by far her favourite. So I definitely think this tea will appeal to a lot of people.

I do plan to try this tea again in the future and many more from T by Daniel. I actually would really love to try this as an iced tea, because I think it would taste amazing on a nice hot summer day.

This past week I also tried Pom Tango from David’s Tea but I made it iced. I steeped it for about 5 minutes, added in a tiny bit of agave nectar and squeezed in some lime juice just to give it a bit more flavour. It was so good! Pom Tango is a black tea with mango and pomegranate, so its slightly different than the Night in Rio tea, but I feel like I could do the same process with it as I did with Pom Tango and it would be very delicious. I found that the two teas have somewhat similar flavours even though they have different ingredients. They both have a tropical and fruity taste that is great for summer.

Until next week, happy steeping!


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