Tea and a good read

My baby sister decided to start a blog and write about me! Please check it out if you have a chance.


I have a sister. She is only two years older than myself, therefore growing up we were always compared. Her strengths are anything school related, and she is intellectually brilliant. I however, have quite the opposite skill set; street smarts and common sense. Complete opposites in every facet; so naturally we’ve always butted heads trying to determine which one was more useful in life.

The fact that I’m dedicating a post to my sister still boggles my mind.

My sister started a blog, reviewing books and tea varieties. When she first told me, I laughed, because I thought to myself ‘who would ever care what she has to say’, but the more she told me about it, I began to feel proud of her. Taking something she always had a huge passion for, “reading”, and now sharing her thoughts to help others avoid picking up a terrible book. She was the push…

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