David’s Tea: Buddha’s Blend

This week on Sunday Morning Brew, I am tasting David’s Tea’s Buddha’s Blend. I like ordering online in bulk from David’s Tea and in my orders they always include three free samples of different teas, which is great because I can try new teas that I wouldn’t normally choose. I know I tried a few teas that I fell in love with after I sampled them and ended up buying more later.

Keeping with the white tea theme, Buddha’s Blend is one of the samples I received recently. A relaxing tea, David’s tea brags that you can achieve nirvana by drinking this.

Type: White Tea

Description: We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty sure we just found the key to achieve nirvana. It’s easier than you might think – you’re actually just a cup away. You start with a fresh, delicate mix of white and green tea. Then you sprinkle in a few jasmine pearls for their sweet, floral perfume. Next, you add the unexpected fruity aroma of some beautiful white hibiscus blossoms. Finally? You sit back, relax and take a sip. Heavenly…

Ingredients: White tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, natural and articifial flavouring.

Temperature: 80°C (176°F)

Steeping Quantity (for one cup): 1.25 tsp

Steep Time: 2-3 min

I can definitely taste the floral of the jasmine. You can also taste like a hint of peach flavouring in there which is nice. My tip for future is that I may have steeped it a bit too long, but my temperature was about right. I think I did maybe 5 min (I’m terrible at taking my tea leaves out when I’m supposed to). The colour of the tea looked more like a darker yellow when I had taken the leaves out. So I will definitely have to remember to keep it in for only 2-3 min. I could definitely taste a strong and sometimes bitter taste. Overall it was a nice tea, you just have to be cautious of the steep time, if you are like me who forgets and keeps it in for longer. I was a bit disappointed with this tea, I was hoping that it would be a bit lighter and sweeter (which may have been partially my fault), however I do plan to try this tea again in the future and see if I was wrong the first time.

I know that I am so behind in posting my book reviews. I am working on my review of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume today. I have been out at different events for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games, and its been keeping me really busy and away from my computer. Yesterday I was out from 8am until 6pm at equestrian events and this evening I am watching soccer (Canada vs. Brazil). Next weekend will be pretty much the same. So I will have to try to read and write reviews during the week to keep up.


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