Tea Forte’s Vanilla Pear

I wanted to start doing a weekly tea post, just to get my tea juices flowing. So I am excited to be sharing my very first Sunday Morning Brew! I know its more like Sunday afternoon now, but I had a few technical issues, so the timing of my future posts should be much better.

I visited my Mom this weekend, and she had received a box of Tea Forte’s Single Steeps, one-portioned loose leaf tea. With this, its easy to figure out just the right amount for your cup. I decided to choose one tea from the box and give it a try. The collection of teas was called Lotus, so named because it is a collection of relaxing teas for mind, body and spirit. All the teas in the collection are apparently organic, however I am not sure how you can really verify that when tasting.


I selected the Vanilla Pear tea, just because I thought that it looked very refreshing and I was looking for something light tasting.

Type: White Teatea

Description: Rare white tea with the evocative essence of vanilla orchid infused with the taste of fresh baked pear for a cup blended to relax and soothe. (Doesn’t this all sound very “relaxing” and “soothing” and “evocative” for a Sunday morning?)

Ingredients: white tea, ginger, lemon balm, lemongrass, cornflower petals, natural pear flavour, natural apple flavour, vanilla pieces, natural quince flavour, pear pieces, natural orange and vanilla flavour

Temperature: 80 °C (175°F)

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

I made the tea in a glass teapot, and as the amounts in each package are intended for a cup of tea, I let it steep a little longer than the recommended 2-3 minutes. Once I’d steeped, the tea looked like a light yellow colour. I think that I boiled the tea a little too long and the temperature was maybe slightly warmer than recommended; however the teas still tasted nice once finished.

I don’t normally like pear or lemongrass (I know what you are thinking, why did you pick a vanilla pear tea if you don’t like pear? – Because sometimes I hate things only in certain forms. For example I hate bananas, but I love banana bread and pancakes. – I know weird.).  However this tea I really loved. The taste of the pear was evident but it wasn’t very strong or overpowering. If you just had a really heavy breakfast and you are looking for something to cleanse your palate this would be perfect.

I also tend to find when I have a lemongrass or ginger in a drink, the tastes can be overpowering, but this was nice. I could taste hints of the lemongrass, but it wasn’t overly strong. There was a nice sweetness, but if you are someone who likes sweet teas I would say to add a bit of honey (it may not be enough sweetness for you). This could definitely be made into an iced tea if you added a bit of honey and ice.

I don’t normally drink white tea, so before I steeped I was looking online about the differences between white teas and various other types. Apparently white tea contains up to three times as many antioxidants as green tea. What?!?!?! Yes I know crazy. Here I am an avid green tea drinker and I didn’t realize there could be something better out there. I will definitely be exploring more white teas in the future.


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