Iced Green Tea Lemonade

I absolutely love Starbucks’ Iced Green Tea Lemonade, I can’t get enough of it, especially now during summer. However paying the three or four dollars for an iced tea doesn’t appeal to me, especially when I have no idea of the amount of sugar or syrups that the Barista is actually putting into my drink. So I decided today that I wanted to try to make my own.

I purchased Japanese Sencha green tea from David’s Tea. It sort of tastes like the kind of green tea that you may find at Japanese and sushi restaurants. It has a very traditional taste. You don’t have to choose that specific green tea, I just find the taste of that tea to be fairly close to the one from Starbucks. I made a larger quantity of the drink today, so I put about a tablespoon and a half of green tea in my 18oz steeper and filled it about 3/4 of the way with boiling water. I then squeezed in the juice from one fresh lemon, and I even threw the peels into the steeper just to give it a very strong lemon taste. I used a real lemon, but I’m sure you could buy lemon juice and put about a teaspoon of that in. I then added in about a tablespoon and a half of agave nectar (you can substitute with honey). You can always adjust the amounts, depending on if you like more lemon or sweetness.

I then let it steep for about five to ten minutes (in the freezer) and then empty the tea into a tumbler filled with ice. And voila perfect iced green tea lemonade. Its as easy as that! Enjoy!

UPDATE: So the other day I decided to try adding a spoonful of the Just Peachy tea from David’s Tea to make a Peach Green Tea Lemonade, and it is amazing! Just one teaspoon and it makes a huge difference to the taste. I would strongly advise to add peach tea, or try adding in a different tea to change up the flavour.


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