The Creative Benefits of Bookclubs

My good friend over at My Happy Coincidence posted her thoughts on book clubs. Please give it a read if you have a chance.

My Happy Coincidence

How many times a year do you find yourself in a rut? How many days do you spend doing more-or-less the same things, eating the same things, walking the same way home, etc.?

Ruts are comfy and sometimes its nice to know exactly what you are doing and what the results of doing so will be. I tend to think like this when choosing books (and movies). I know what I like, which authors I prefer, and if all else fails, there are always a few good classics that I can re-read.

I started asking myself why I tend to be fairly unadventurous when choosing literature, especially since I’m fairly open-minded in other aspects of my life. I came up with a  few answers:

  1. Committing to reading something means committing time; I want to make sure what I’m reading is worth my time.
  2. Reading is my time to relax and escape…

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