Book Club Reads: Summer 2015

Some of my friends and I recently decided that it would be a great idea to start a book club. Little did we realize the amount of time it would take to choose the books we want to read and organize dates where we can meet to discuss them. We finally managed to outline our book schedule for the summer months after much debate. Below you will find our selections and after each of our meetings, I will share with you our thoughts about the book.

I also plan to read a different book every week of my own choosing and regularly provide reviews, but I will outline that in a later post.

Book Club Reads for Summer 2015:

May – The Children Act by Ian McEwan

21978973**I will be posting a review on this very soon.**

June – Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz

Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz Book Cover

July – The House Girl by Tara Conklin


August – Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum


 Stay tuned for more updates!


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